Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Grade 3-4 children visited the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

While there, children learnt about Australian plants and Aboriginal way of life. They had different experiences including leaning about Aboriginal tools and weapons, using ochre to paint hand prints on rocks, building bark huts and tasting lemon myrtle tea. So much to see and learn!!!!

Getting to Know You in 2015

We created “Who Am I?” booklets. We sketched our portaits and filled in our profiles.  We did not include our names as the class had to work out who created each booklet. There were lots of smiles and laughter as the guessing game was played. HAVE A LOOK AT OUR BOOKLETS……….


IMG_0971  IMG_0973

Autumn Leaves

Enjoy our Adjective Poems about ….


I have a leaf

I have an autumn leaf

I have an orange, autumn leaf

I have a goldish-red, orange, autumn leaf

I have a five-pointed, goldish-red, ,autumn leaf

I have a serrated-edged, five-pointed, goldish-red, orange, autumn leaf

And it swayed and drifted to the ground.

IMG_0881 IMG_0880 IMG_0880 - Copy IMG_0879 IMG_0879 - Copy IMG_0878 IMG_0878 - Copy


I have a leaf

I have an autumn leaf

I have a brownish, autumn leaf

I have a mid-stemmed, brownish, autumn leaf

I have an uneven, mid-stemmed, brownish, autumn leaf

I have a funny-looking, an uneven, mid-stemmed, brownish, autumn leaf

And it looped-de-loop to the ground.

Travelling Back in Time together


The 3-4’s travelled back in time when they visited “Polly Woodside”. Our eyes lit up when we saw this long ship in real life. We were amazed at the size of the masts and all of the rigging. We could not imagine what it would have been like travelling on this ship for many weeks.




IMG_0798We eagerly lined up to have our class photo taken.







We had an opportunity to dress up as a wonderful story from the past was told.